• Wedge type pulling clamp for tubes from 32 to 45 mm
  • Pulling clamp
  • Set of jaws
  • Clamp for retrieving tubes
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Wedge Type Pulling Clamp (32 - 45 mm) (SOLD)

Second-hand, but practically new, wedge clamp. The clamp composes of a pulling bowl 100 mm with 2 handles and a set of jaws with hardmetal inlays for tubes with a diameter ranging from 32 to 45 mm. For pulling the sounding tubes out of the ground after testing. This wedge clamp can both be placed on top of the hydraulic and manual pulling devices.

The largest advantage of wedge clamps is the fact that they do not really damage the tubes. They are safe and reliable clamps Because of the large clamping range the pulling of worn sounding tubes will not cause any problems.

The wedge clamps are robust, deliver high clamping forces and are capable of managing high pulling forces. Easy handling and positioning because of the handles.

By having the pulling bowl separate from the jaw sets, it is possible to apply different jaw sets (for different tube diameters) with the same pulling bowl.

Price: EUR 165.-- (excl. VAT).

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