• Geotech Nova cordless piezocone CPTU system
  • Piezocone with sound transmitter
  • Geotech Nova microphone push head
  • Signal conditioner for Geotech Nova
  • Set connecting cables for Geotech Nova
  • Geotech Nova manual and certificate
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The Netherlands

Geotech Nova Cordless CPTU System (SOLD)

The Geotech Nova cordless CPTU system was bought about 18 months ago by one of our Belgium clients for a specific project. The Nova system is complete,  fully functional system and as good as new. It comprises the following elements: Note: Equipment is compliant with all international standards (including ISO 22476-1, ASTM D5778-12, etc.) regarding Cone Penetration Testing and suitable for Class 1 CPTU tests and dissipation tests.

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