• 350 kN penetrometer pusher for nearshore CPT
  • Hydraulic pusher based on tilting construction
  • 350 kN pusher for nearshore CPT
  • Tilting construction with hydraulic fixing clamp
  • Tilting construction of the 350 kN pusher
  • Manually operated hydraulic valves
  • Centralising rings for 55 mm casing tubes
  • Double-cylinder hydraulic catching clamp
  • Hydraulic fixing clamp for the standpipe
  • Hydraulic valves
Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V.
Satellietbaan 8
2181 MH Hillegom
The Netherlands


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350 kN CPT rig (SOLD)

General Information
Purpose-built 350 kN CPT penetrometer pusher suitable for nearshore CPT testing and  since the pedestal is provided with hydraulic tilting cylinders, over-drilling of the CPT test hole is possible with little effort. The rig was designed and built for the Dutch government, but it has never been used. It is 100% in "as new condition" with fresh paint.

Comes with a hydraulic clamp for holding the standpipe (comes complete with 25 m of standpipe) and is equipped with a hydraulic catching clamp and tilting construction (to provide place for over-drilling). To be powered by a electric or diesel-driven hydraulic power-pack (not included).

Technical Specifications
CPT penetrometer pusher: 350 kN twin-cylinder
Pushing force: 350 kN
Pulling force: 450 kN
Weight: Approx. 1,650 kg
Dimensions: 180 x 130 x 320 cm
Overall condition: As new
Hydraulics: Manually operated
Required hydraulic pressure: 210 bar (max.)
Required hydraulic volume: 100 litre/min (max.)
Hydraulic system: open, not load-sensing

Accessories (included)
• Tilting construction
• Double-cylinder hydraulic catching clamp
• Hydraulic fixing clamp for standpipe
• Standpipe (OD = 220 mm, L = 25 m) in multiple sections of various lengths
• Spacers for traditional casing tubes (OD = 55 mm) so they can be used inside this standpipe

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