• 200 kN CPT crawler with Volvo 8x4 transport truck
  • 200 kN cone penetration crawler on Volvo 8x4 transport truck
  • Crawler undercarriage with steel triple grouser track shoes
  • 200 kN CPT crawler with long levelling jacks and outriggers
  • Crawler undercarriage with triple grouser track shoes
  • 200 kN cone penetration crawler on Volvo 8x4 transport truck
  • 200 kN cone penetration crawler ith long levelling jacks
  • 200 kN cone penetration crawler with long levelling jacks
  • Bellows construction on the roof providing the necessary space for the penetrometer pusher
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200 kN CPT Crawler with Volvo Transport Truck (SOLD)

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Type of machine: 200 kN crawler-based CPT penetrometer rig complete with Volvo transport truck
Truck make and model: Volvo FL12.420 intercooler
Manufacturer of CPT unit: A.P. van den Berg
Year of manufacturing: 1999
Running hours / mileage: Approx. 13,600 hours
Overall condition: Good
Status: Second-hand
Pushing capacity: 200 kN
Pulling capacity: 260 kN

Automated controls: Yes
Accessories: storage rack for tubes, power inverter
Remarks: Hyson® 200 kN penetrometer pusher inside, extra long levelling jacks on outrigger constructions, radio remote control (Scanreco)
Availability: Sold
The rig is suitable to be outfitted with equipment allowing to do Cone Penetration Tests according to international standards like NEN 3680, NEN 5140, DIN 4094-1, NF P94-113, ISO 22476-1, ISO 22476-12, Eurocode 7, ISSMGE standard, ASTM D3441-98, ASTM D5778-07, ASTM D6067-96, and alike. This includes Class 1 piezocone CPTU tests and dissipation tests.
Note: The details of mentioned equipment are based on our judgement and provided in good faith. Since it is based on a single inspection and we are not 100% familiar with the history of the equipment, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the equipment. A buyer (or his representative) is free to inspect the condition of the equipment offered in our workshop. Gouda-Geo will provide full assistance during this inspection free of charge. This equipment is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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