• Window sampling tube with core catcher and cutting shoe
  • Set of 3 window samplers in different sizes
  • Scoop at the top end of the sampler to release excess soil
  • Detachable cutting shoe at the bottom end of the sampling tube
  • Core catcher that assures that less consistant soil samples remein inside the sampling tube
  • Soil sample can be investigated right on the spot
  • Soil sample clearly visible through the windows of the soil sampler
  • Window sampling tubes
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Window Sampling Tube with Screw-On Cutting Shoe

The window sampling tubes are made of high-quality steel and features multiple windows making visual inspection of the samples easy and straightforward. The cutting shoe (made of hardened steel) is detachable by means of a screw connection enabling the appliance of a core catcher.

Window sampling tubes can be inserted into the ground by means of a CPT penetrometer pushing rig, a DPT or SPT sounding rig or by means of hydraulic, gasoline or electric breaker hammer.
Tubes with a sampling length of 1000 mm have 2 windows, the tubes with 2000 mm sampling length have 4 windows.
Available Diameters and Lengths  
Cross-Over Tubes
In order to use the window samplers of 1000 mm length and M22 screw-thread connection in combination with a CPT penetrometer pushing rig, Gouda-Geo supplies the following so-called cross-over tubes to connect the samplers to the male screw-thread of the lowest CPT sounding tube of the CPT string:

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