• Soil sampling tube with liner, core catcher and cutting shoe
  • Core catcher that assures that less consistant soil samples remein inside the sampling tube
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Soil Sampling Tubes - Closed with Liner

The closed soil sampling tubes are made of high-quality steel and designed such, that they can accommodate a transparent PVC liner for holding the soil sample. The inner diameter of the liner is 48 mm, the outer diameter is 50 mm. The cutting shoe is detachable by means of a screw connection enabling the appliance of a core catcher.

The sampling procedure is easy and straightforward. After having penetrated the ground for 1 meter, the soil sampler is to be retrieved and the soil filled liner replaced by an empty one.
The closed sampling tubes with liner can be pushed into the ground by means of a CPT penetrometer pushing rig, a DPT or SPT sounding rig or by means of hydraulic, gasoline or electric breaker hammer.
Available Diameter and Lengths  
Cross-Over Tubes
In order to use the window samplers of 1000 mm length and M22 screw-thread connection in combination with a CPT penetrometer pushing rig, Gouda-Geo supplies the following so-called cross-over tubes to connect the samplers to the male screw-thread of the lowest CPT sounding tube of the CPT string:

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