• Easy to operate DPL device
  • Dynamic penetrometer light DPL
  • Storage box for the dynamic penetrometer set
  • Dynamic penetrometer in wooden box
  • Dynamic penetrometer set in box
  • Box with sounding rods for dynamic penetration tests
  • Box with sounding tubes; lid open
  • ISO 22476-2 explained in info-graphic
  • Set-up of the manual dynamic penetrometer with pulling device
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Manual DPL Testing Apparatus

Manual DPL testing set is suitable for doing light (10 kg) dynamic penetration tests according to ISO 22476-2 (replaces DIN 4094-3).

This classic manual DPL testing apparatus is a cost effective, simple and reliable tool suitable for light dynamic penetration testing up to approx. 10 m depth. It is solidly built and comprises a hard-chromed guiding rod, a upper handgrip and a 10 kg drop-weight with 2 handles for easy lifting.
The bottom part is in fact an anvil on which the drop-weight will fall. It is provided with 2 handles and female M16 thread for connection on to the upper sounding tube.
The complete ready-to-go manual DPL testing set comprises: Total weight of the complete set approx. 60 kg

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