• Crawler-based dynamic penetrometer
  • Dynamic penetrometer on crawler
  • Pénétromètre dynamique
  • Slagsondeermachine
  • Dynamic penetrometer
  • Dynamic penetration test
  • Standard penetration test
  • Dynamic penetrometer on crawler
  • ISO 22476-2 replaces DIN 4094-3
Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V.
Satellietbaan 8
2181 MH Hillegom
The Netherlands


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Crawler-Based DPT and SPT Sounding Rigs

Real handy and easy to operate dynamic sounding rig with excellent terrain capabilities, suitable for dynamic penetration tests according to ISO 22476-2 (replaces DIN 4094-3). The unit is based on a crawler undercarriage with hydrostatic drive and passive brakes and a foldable mast for easy transport. The crawler is provided with a sturdy framework incorporating all technical components and 2 storage lockers.

The SPT version is also capable of doing SPT type dynamic penetration tests according to ASTM D1586 and ASTM D4633. All versions are also capable of taking soil samples.

The hydraulic power-pack (with one hydraulic pump) can also power an hydraulic pulling cylinder for retrieving the tubes after a test. Because of the design of the rig it is not necessary to move the unit when the tubes are retrieved.
Because of its design the unit is a true 1-man-operation machine. It passes through every normal access door and can easily be transported on a 2-axle trailer or inside e.g. a Volkswagen Transporter. German quality at an affordable price.

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