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Electronic Datalogging System - EDAS

Automated datalogging system designed to be used in combination with a hydraulically driven chain-type SPT or DPT dynamic sounding unit. The system registers the number of blows, number of blows per 10 cm and penetration depth and stores the data in an integrated memory.

The data can be retrieved from the data logger in a later stage by attaching e.g. laptop computer and down-load the stored data on to the hard-disk.

The system comprises:


The encoder is connected to the hoist chain drive of the rig by means of a flexible coupling. It records the up and down movement of the chain generating a signal, which is sent to the datalogger.

“Big Box” Datalogger
The heart of the set is the datalogger, also called “Big Box”. It comes in a IP65 waterproof housing with integrated stainless steel key-board, a clearly readable LCD-screen, incorporating all electronic components and battery.

Each dynamic sounding test is stored individually along with the relevant data, such as sounding number, date, sounding type, drop height, applied drop weight, size of sounding tip, etc. These data can easily be entered by means of the key-board. The interface software is at present available in English, French and German. Other languages on request and at extra charge.

An integrated “Auto-stop” stops the machine when:

Comes complete with a battery charger.

“Little Box” Connection Box
The connection box, also called “Little Box”, is to be mounted on the SPT sounding rig. It connects all components.

Cable Set
Complete cable set including all cables needed for data acquisition and connecting the datalogger to the laptop. Every connector differs from the other, so no mistakes can be made during wiring.

Transport Case
The electronic datalogging set comes complete in a sturdy transport case.

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