• 200 kN CPT penetrometer crawler
  • Brakes of CPT truck being serviced
  • Set of seals of a 200 kN CPT penetrometer pusher
  • 200 kN CPT penetrometer pusher hoisted out of the working cabin
  • Hydraulic valves on test bench
  • Service engineer
  • Final drive of crawler undercarriage
  • Caterpillar power-pack
  • Scratch on working cabin to be repaired
  • Interior of the service van
  • Service intervention on location in Kuwait
  • Rebuilding of the working cabin of a CPT truck
  • CPT crawler being delivered for repair
  • Hydraulics of a CPT truck
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Mechanical Repair and Maintenance

Apart from designing and manufacturing equipment, Gouda-Geo is also your partner for repair and general or routine maintenance (i.e. servicing) and even restoring machinery and equipment back to working order (rebuilding or remanufacturing). This to ensure they work efficiently and safely and to prevent breakdown and unnecessary repairs.

Well performed maintenance prevents standstill and is for this reason of paramount importance. By doing your maintenance systematically you can save enormous costs, because the standstill of a machine is often quite expensive and could harm your relationship with your client.

During the maintenance works the engine, the hydraulic installation, the chassis (e.g. welding inspection), the electrical installation and (if present) the crawler substructure will be serviced. The final objective is a well maintained machine, that is reliable and safe to operate.

Services we offer include engine diagnose, troubleshoot, repair, calibration and maintenance for your CPT penetrometer rig. We will train and instruct your personnel on how to do daily maintenance and how to save on repairs and lots more. Will keep your CPT penetrometer rig running smoothly. We provide technical support all over the world not only for equipment manufactured by ourselves, but also for equipment manufactured by other CPT equipment manufacturers.

Maintenance and operation manuals can be made for existing machines in order to keep track of all maintenance done, modifications, repairs and alike.

On-Site Repair and Maintenance

Maintenance of CPT penetrometer rigs comprises of routine, daily and large maintenance, but mainly because of truly busy time schedules this maintenance gets overlooked. Gouda-Geo offers you the solution of doing this important maintenance and possible repair works on-site. We supply technical support not only in our specialized workshop in The Netherlands, but also on location all over the world.

We come with fully equipped Mercedes Sprinter service van when we do on-site repair and maintenance. This van is equipped with the following:

All maintenance works will off course be done in accordance with the guidelines of the manufacturer and will be recorded in the machine book of the relevant machine. All liquids will be disposed off in an environmentally respectful manner.

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