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Water Level Meters

The water level meters are accurate and reliable meters designed for fast, easy and reliable measurements of water levels (and optionally the temperature as well) in wells, piezometer stand pipes, bore holes, observation tubes, tanks and in open water. Its sturdy design makes it a reliable tool suitable for intensive use and is easy to repair in case it might break down.

The water level readings are taken directly from the high-precision measuring tape. The optional temperature reading is displayed on a LCD-screen on the face of the reel.

The probe incorporates an insulating gap between 2 electrodes, called the zero-point. When contact is made with water, the circuit is completed, sending a signal back to the reel. This triggers a loud buzzer and a bright LED signalling light.

The water level meters are equipped with a strong, flexible polyethylene flat-tape with two high-tensile stainless steel strands and permanent, heat impregnated markings every centimeter. Tape lengths up to 500 meter, mounted on reels. The design of the tape prevents it from adhering to wet surfaces in boreholes and wells. The measuring tape is fitted on a robust well-balanced reel that runs smoothly and is equipped with a convenient carrying handle.

On the faceplate of each reel there is an on/off switch, light, battery test button, and a winding handle. The batteries are housed in the hub of the reel, and on the back is a probe holder and the brake. A carrying bag is available and sold separately.

Because of the dimensions of the probe (D = 15 mm) the water level meters are also suitable for use in small diameter tubes. All parts of the instrument are corrosion-resistant; the water level meters are delivered ready for use including batteries.

Mode of Operation

As soon as the zero-point of the probe reaches the water surface, a bright LED signalling light and a loud buzzer at the cable reel are activated simultaneously. An electronic switch is triggered by the conductivity of the water so that faulty measurements are largely precluded. When lifting the measuring cable somewhat, the LED and buzzer are switched off immediately so that the reading point can be determined accurately. The depth is read off the high-precision tape in meters and centimetres.
Screw-in ground sensors for measuring the bottom of wells and screw-in probe tips with snap-hook can be supplied optionally.
Technical Specifications  
Water Level Meters (Standard)  
Water Level Meters with Temperature Indicator

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