• Wacker BH23 gasoline motor hammer
  • Gedore pipe wrench
  • Steel reinforced plywood support plate
  • Overview of wedge clamps in various sizes
  • 60 kN two bar manual puller suitable for tubes up to 85 mm
  • Soil sampling tube - closed with liner
  • Soil sampling tubes in different sizes
  • 32 mm SPT/DPT sounding tubes
  • Set of 4 insert hammer heads
  • Sturdy aluminium steps
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Soil Sampling Kit (Hammer)

With the soil sampling kit it is easy and cost effective to collect soil samples from soft to medium dense soils. The kit is lightweight, but very powerful and much more versatile than hand-operated drilling equipment.
During sampling process, the soil sampling tubes (featuring a hardened cutting shoe), are driven into the soil by means of a gasoline motor hammer. This is to be done in a step-by-step manner in order to make the insertion and withdrawal of the soil sampling tubes easier and to avoid contamination as much as possible.
The soil sampling tubes penetrate through rubble and can therefore also be used at landfills, dump sites and in urban areas. The soil sampling tubes can be used both above and below the water table. The obtained soil samples are pretty much intact and allow for quick profiling.


A soil sampling kit is a complete and versatile soil sampling system for taking samples to a depth of around 5 to 10 meters in almost all types of soil and can be used during the following surveys:  The set comprises the following items: 

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