• Electric CPT cone with integrated temperature sensor
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Temperature Sensor / Module

An electric CPT cone or piezocone can be ordered with an extra temperature sensor. This sensor can be handy to determine e.g. the progress of the rotting process on a refuse dump, the thickness of permafrost layers, the determination of the most effective depth to place heat exchangers, determination of presence of possible thermal activity in the soil, and alike.

The temperature sensor is a so-called monolithic temperature sensor and comes with on-chip signal conditioning. It can be operated over the temperature range -50°C to +150°C, making it ideal for use in geotechnical applications. The signal conditioning eliminates the need for any trimming, buffering, or linearization circuitry, greatly simplifying the system design and reducing the overall system cost. The output voltage is proportional to the temperature x the supply voltage (ratiometric).

The temperature sensor can only be ordered as an option on a new electric CPT cone or piezocone. It can not be mounted on an existing cone (retrofitting).

It is also possible to order a separate temperature module, that can be mounted on top of an (existing) electric CPT cone.

Technical Specifications

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