• Set of 5 window samplers
  • Soil sample taken in medium dense soils
  • Window samplers in various diameters
  • Soil sample visible through the window of the sampling tube
  • Set of 5 different window samplers
  • Set of soil samplers in different sizes
  • Core catcher for window sampling tube
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Window Type Soil Samplers for CPT

Soil sampling is simple and inexpensive tool for both geotechnical and environmental soil investigation. It easily returns your investment many times over. The window type soil samplers are driven into the soil by means of the penetrometer pushing rig. The samplers come standard with M22 threaded connections and can be connected to the CPT sounding tubes by means of an cross-over tube. Since the window sampling tubes feature an internal scoop on the top end, excess soil material can easily pressed out and soil samples can be taken from any desired depth. Because of the high quality of the steel, the samplers walls are relatively thin (thin wall sampling) keeping the resistance to penetration as low as possible. Because of the open construction of window sampling tubes the samples taken can be scrutinized and removed quite easily.

Purpose of Soil Sampling

The samplers allow you to inspect easily and quickly the soil on-site for composition, grain size, consistency, contamination, and soil classification. After having retrieved the sampling tube from the ground, the sample taken can be easily logged on-site by looking through the side window and a soil sample is removed from one of the windows for analysis. It enables the operator to carry out simple field tests and representative samples can be taken for laboratory analysis.

The window samplers are cost effective and efficient tools for taking soil samples for the following purposes:

High Quality Design

Window samplers are manufactured from high tensile cold-drawn seamless steel tube material and come complete with a replaceable, bevelled and hardened casing cutting shoe. The cutting shoe is detachable by means of a screw connection making it replaceable and enabling the appliance of a core catcher. The fact that the cutting shoe is hardened reduces the chance of damaging it when penetrating soils with possible obstacles. The bevelled edge of the cutting shoe assures easy soil penetration. The top side of the samplers is of tapered shape in order to assure easy pulling.

Available Sizes

The window sampling tubes are available in a nested series of diameters, the smaller ones being used at greater depths. Diameters range from 80 mm down to 36 mm. The tubes are available in either 1m or 2m lengths, but when used in combination with a CPT penetrometer pushing rig only the ones of 1 m length are suitable.


The window sampling tubes can be pushed by means of the CPT sounding tubes already available in the CPT unit. The only thing that is required is a suitable cross-over tube to connect the window samplers to the sounding tubes. Gouda-Geo supplies a complete range of cross-over tubes. The cutting shoes and core catchers can, when damaged or worn, be ordered separately.

NOTE: The windows sampling tubes are not suitable for sampling sands, sandy or gravely soils. The soils sampled should feature at least some consistency in order to guarantee that the sample does not flow out of the sampling tube whilst retrieving.

Product Range

Abbreviations Explained

L = length
OD = outer diameter
ID = inner diameter
M22 = metric screw thread 22 mm
STD = standard tapered thread
QLK = quick-lock double-entry rope thread
AR = tapered rope thread
2R = double-entry rope thread

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