• Push head with proximity switch for pushing of CPT sounding tubes
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Push Head

The push head is a simple device used for pushing a string of CPT sounding tubes and an electric CPT cone / piezocone into the ground. The push head is equipped with an integrated proximity switch, that gives the enabling signal to the data acquisition system the moment the Cone Penetration Testing procedure starts.

The push head is mounted in a slide rail under the push-and-pull yoke of the penetrometer pusher. It has a special cable guide for the unobstructed passing of the CPT sounding cable which protrudes through the string of CPT sounding tubes. The push head itself is connected to data acquisition system by means of a spiral cable.

At the end of the CPT test, the push head is pushed backward in the slide rail and the string of CPT sounding tubes is pulled by means of a pulling bowl and pulling piece, both provided with a slot for the passing of the CPT sounding cable.

Technical Specifications

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