• CPT sounding cable with unisex connectors
  • Cross-over cable to datalogger
  • Unisex extension connector with protective cap
  • DAQ connector that goes into the datalogger
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CPT Sounding Cables

A complete range of cables is available for subtraction type, ELC-type and GMF-GD or compression type electric CPT cones / piezocones. The string of cables connects the electric CPT cone / piezocone to the CPT-Logger data acquisition unit. Please have a look at the information underneath for detailed information on CPT sounding cables. If you are in doubt, please consult the Gouda-Geo sales department to determine the appropriate cable for the job.

Note that a well selected cable will save time and annoyance during Cone Penetration Testing. Unisex extension connectors allow for unlimited extension of the CPT cable string. The cables are made of highly flexible PUR-TPE cable material featuring high tensile strength and wear resistance. The cables are provided with high-quality Lemo connectors with gold-plated connecting pins and are available in any length or lay-out.

Selecting the Right Cable
Gouda-Geo supplies not only a complete range of cables suitable for both compression type and subtraction type electrical cones, but also cables for cones from other manufacturers. The cables are available as 10, 16 and 18 pins and in any length a client may need. Unisex extension connectors allow for unlimited extension of the CPT cable string. All cables are available in any length or lay-out.
Optimizing Cable Lay-Out
Be aware that a well selected cable will save time and annoyance during CPT testing.
A normal CPT cable string (described from cone to data acquisition unit) would compose of the following CPT sounding cables:  
Some special jobs may require special cables. Think in that context of CPT tests with special environmental or seismic adapters or CPT tests over water or in very soft soils, when casing tubes are needed to provide extra lateral support to the CPT sounding tubes. In these cases we recommend to use relatively short cables, enabling you to interrupt the CPT test and add casing tubes when required. Recommended length for the extension cables when working with casing tubes is 10 m.
Different Cones - Different Cables
Gouda-Geo supplies a quite some different cones and adapters. Every other type of cone requires its own cable set. Because of history, every other type of cone requires another type of cable. Do never use cables intended for one cone type for another cone type. You might cause a short circuit and blow up your electric cone. If in doubt, please feel free to contact us at any time.
CPT Sounding Cables for S-Type Electric Cones  
CPT Sounding Cables for ELC-Type Electric Cones  
CPT Sounding Cables for GMD-Type Electric Cones  
Maintenance of CPT Sounding Cables
The CPT sounding cables are made of extreme durable PUR-TPE cable material and provided with gold-plated Lemo connectors. That makes them practically maintenance free.
Ground water though forces itself into the CPT sounding tubes and provokes corrosion. This makes the CPT sounding cable dirty and makes CPT testing under that circumstances a dirty job. For this reason we recommend you to clean the exterior of the cable regularly using a soft cloth.
The Lemo connectors need to be cleaned with utmost care. Use a special cleaning agent for connectors and a soft brush. You can buy the cleaning agent in a 200 ml can from Gouda-Geo (art.nr. 05 00 004. See our pricelist).
Cable Repair
Although the sounding cables supplied by Gouda-Geo are of guaranteed quality, it might happen, that a cable gets damaged. In principle any cable can be repaired. A connector can be replaced and a rupture can be repaired using a special sleeve.
If your cable does not show physical evidence of damage, you can use the cable tester or an ordinary multimeter to see if one of the cores is broken or you can return the cable to Gouda-Geo for repair.
*)  In stock implies direct or on short delivery, but do realise that these cables are subject to prior sale.

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