• 110 kN CPT crawler on a Mercedes Actros Euro-6
  • 120 kN CPT crawler on MAN transport truck
  • CPT testing on the railroad
  • Steel tracks with polyurethane shoes
  • 120 kN CPT crawler with rubber tracks
  • 110 kN CPT crawler in The Netherlands
  • Ultralight version of the CPT crawler
  • Storage rack just above the window
  • 120 kN CPT crawler with extra long levelling jacks
  • 120 kN CPT rig on railroad track
  • Loading a 120 kN CPT crawler
  • PLC controlled rotation of the CPT craawler
  • 120 kN CPT crawler ready for transport
  • Storage case for dirty tools on CPT crawler
  • 120 kN CPT crawler will drill mast
  • CPT crawler on transport truck
  • Possible do do CPT tests without unloading the CPT crawler
  • 110 kN CPT crawler inside an old Dutch city
  • 120 kN CPT crawler being loaded on a transport truck
Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V.
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The Netherlands


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120 kN CPT Crawler (Professional)

The 120 kN CPT crawler is a CPT penetrometer rig based on a crawler undercarriage. The rig has been designed to execute soil mechanical research based on static Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) techniques in an efficient manner. By means of the penetrometer pusher, installed in the center of gravity of the CPT crawler, either an electrical or mechanical probe (called a cone) is pushed into the ground and the mechanical resistance and friction of the soil is recorded. The CPT crawler itself has a relatively high own weight and serves as counterweight to provide the required penetrative force.
The CPT crawler is normally used on badly accessible job-sites and is provided with an undercarriage with 500 mm wide track shoes to keep the ground pressure as low as possible. Before the CPT crawler can do a CPT test, it is to be levelled horizontally. This is done by means of the 3 hydraulic levelling jacks. With these the CPT crawler can be levelled exactly horizontally and furthermore they assure also its stability during testing.
All functionalities of the CPT crawler are driven hydraulically. The diesel engine of the rig drives the hydraulic pump that generates the required working pressure and volume for all hydraulic functions.
The CPT penetrometer pusher is located inside the working cabin of the rig. Next to it the operating lever for the up-and-down movement of the penetrometer pusher is located and the electrical cabinet housing all electronics, the engine control panel and control elements.
Technical Specifications   
Standard Equipment
The CPT crawler comes standard with the following equipment:   
Optional Extras
The CPT crawler can be supplied with the following optional extras: 
International Standards, Safety and CE Marking

The CPT penetrometer rig is designed and built in accordance with national and international standards and regulations. It complies with the provisions of the EC Directive 2006/42/EG and is provided with CE marking certifying that it meets EU consumer safety, health and environmental requirements.
The rig is equipped with a 200 kN CPT penetrometer pusher suitable to accommodate the measuring equipment for all kinds of Cone Penetration Tests with a maximum pushing force of 120 kN, such as: The Cone Penetration Tests can be performed according to international standards like ISO 22476-1, ISO 22476-12, NF P94-113, Eurocode 7, ISSMGE standard, ASTM D3441-05, ASTM D5778-12, ASTM D6067-96, ASTM D7400-08, and alike. This includes of course Class 1 piezocone CPTU tests and dissipation tests.
The operating procedures of the machine are described in detailed, easy-to-read and well-illustrated user manuals.

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