• 200 kN trailer-based CPT penetrometer rig
  • Extractable anchoring beam on the CPT trailer
  • Quick acting tensioner for ground anchors
  • Workbench on the CPT trailer
  • Overview of the 200 kN rig with anchoring equipment
  • Hydraulic valves conroling the CPT trailer
  • Ground anchor providing the required reaction force for the cone penetration test
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200 kN Trailer-Based CPT Penetrometer Rig

A 200 kN trailer-based CPT penetrometer rig is a lightweight and economical rig with full CPT testing capabilities. It is suitable for both electrical and mechanical CPT testing.

It can be towed easily by a 4-wheeldrive car. It comprises a sturdy 2-axle trailer base, a 2-cylinder CPT penetrometer pusher, a diesel-hydraulic power-pack with load-sensing pump, manually operated valves, a work platform at the rear, a levelling system, an anchoring system, tube racks, stainless-steel housing for datalogger and computer, etc. All accessories and CPT equipment can be lodged on the trailer itself.
The 200 kN CPT penetrometer pusher, power-pack, levelling jacks, implement supports and alike will be built on a sturdy trailer with 2 axles and 4 large tyres. The axles feature overrun brakes and the tyres are covered with impact-proof mudguards. Comes complete with a standard ball-type trailer coupling on a V-shaped towing frame. Complete with height-adjustable nosewheel.
The chassis is made of a steel frame incorporating the support beam for the CPT penetrometer pusher, the supports for the 4 hydraulic levelling jacks, manually operated outrigger beams for anchoring and a working platform at the rear of the trailer.
For the storage of the CPT equipment and the accessories, the trailer chassis will be provided with: The trailer comes complete with road-legal lighting and reflectors.
CPT Penetrometer Pusher
A hydraulic CPT penetrometer pusher with a push capacity of 200 kN, comprising 2 vertical hydraulic cylinders, simultaneously operated with a stroke of 1150 mm. A thrust block connects the two cylinders and is capable of driving and pulling the CPT sounding tubes and casing tubes into and out of the ground. 
A hydraulic control unit, mounted on a console near the CPT penetrometer pusher, allows the operator to control all functions.
The unit comes complete with a guiding tubes, to be applied between the penetrometer and ground level.
A 2D level is included in order to level the rig rapidly before CPT testing.
Levelling System
In order to carry out a CPT test, the rig ought to be positioned perfectly level. For this purpose, the CPT trailer will be supplied with 4 hydraulic levelling jacks. All jacks come with a foot-plate on a ball-shaped hinge construction in order to distribute the weight and the reaction force of the trailer evenly. 
Anchoring System
In order to provide a solid base for CPT testing, the CPT trailer is anchored to the ground by means of a set of ground anchors, consisting of: The loose anchoring beams are supposed to be placed on the outrigger beams of the trailer in longitudinal direction and have attachments for 2 ground anchors each.
The ground anchors can be placed by means of a hand spanner or the optional hydraulic wrench.
The CPT penetrometer pusher is powered by a diesel-hydraulic power-pack. The power-pack comprises an electrically started Hatz 1-cylinder direct-injected diesel engine (9.5 kW @ 2800 RPM) incorporated in silent-pack housing. The engine, installed on 4 shock-absorbing engine supports, drives a Linde load-sensing pump by means of a propeller shaft and flanges. Large hydraulic oil reservoir with effective 2-stage filtering system.
Technical Specifications  
Optional Accessories
The basic CPT trailer can be supplied with the following accessories and CPT equipment:
International Standards, Safety and CE Marking

The CPT penetrometer rig is designed and built in accordance with national and international standards and regulations. It complies with the provisions of the EC Directive 2006/42/EG and is provided with CE marking certifying that it meets EU consumer safety, health and environmental requirements.
The rig is equipped with a 200 kN CPT penetrometer pusher suitable to accommodate the measuring equipment for all kinds of Cone Penetration Tests with a maximum pushing force of 200 kN, such as: The Cone Penetration Tests can be performed according to international standards like ISO 22476-1, ISO 22476-12, NF P94-113, Eurocode 7, ISSMGE standard, ASTM D3441-05, ASTM D5778-12, ASTM D6067-96, ASTM D7400-08, and alike. This includes of course Class 1 piezocone CPTU tests and dissipation tests.
The operating procedures of the machine are described in detailed, easy-to-read and well-illustrated user manuals.

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