• Piezocone de-airing and saturating kit
  • HDPE pore pressure filter rings for piezocones
  • Pressure vessel for the de-airing of pore pressure filter rings
  • Vacuum pump for evacuating the air from the pressure vessel
  • Glycerin saturating fluid for piezocones
  • Airtight jar for the storage and transport of saturated filter rings
  • Soup ladle for transferring the pore pressure filter rin from the jar to the saturating funnel
  • Syringe for pre-filling the sensor cavity of the piezocone
  • Stainless steel funnel for pouring back the glycerine in the airtight jar
  • Stainless steel funnel to be placed over the piezocone to mount the pore pressure filter ring
  • Condom for protecting the de-aired piezocone
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Kit for the De-Airing of Piezocones

A proper preparation of the piezocone and other equipment is paramount prior to CPTU testing in order to have good pore pressure response. The following components of the piezocone should be entirely saturated:

We recommend to use glycerine for saturating, since it is miscible with water. Other fluids, such as silicon oil, dematerialized water or a vegetable type of oil (for example sunflower or olive oil) can be used as well, but present specific problems that require special attention.

The saturation procedure consists of 2 specific stages, i.e. the de-airing of the pore pressure filters (mostly done in the office the day before CPTU testing) and the saturation of the << piezocone >> (mostly done in the field).

The set for de-airing the filters comprises of:

The set for saturating the piezocone comprises of:

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