• Screw anchors for the securing of stays into the ground
  • Screw anchor - top view
  • Screw anchor rotated into the ground
  • Hydraulic wrench for the placing of screw anchors
  • Diesel-hydraulic power-pack with Hatz engine
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Screw Anchors for Securing Stays / Guys

Many temporary and permanent structures are to be secured to the ground by means of stays anchored into the ground. For this application a complete system has been developed composing of purposely designed extendable ground anchors, that can be installed easily using a powerful hydraulic wrench.
These ground anchors have proved to be ideal for securing structures in soft to medium dense soils. They can ascertain a holding capacity of up to 5 T (50 kN) depending on the geology, blade diameter, anchoring depth, angle of penetration, etc. The holding capacity can be (and is recommended to be) proof tested on site using simple lightweight portable equipment.
The fact that the anchors are screwed into the ground implies that no excavation or working in deep un-shuttered holes is needed. The anchoring system can be rapidly deployed directly into undisturbed soil.
Typical applications
The screw anchors are typically used to secure the cable stays into the ground for the following:  
Many advantages:  
The set comprises of:  Note: The hydraulic wrench is also suitable to make a pre-drill hole of 120 mm using the pre-drill auger and the anchor extension rods.

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