• Mastervolt power inverters
  • Mastervolt power inverter Mass Sine 24/800
  • Mastervolt power inverter Mass Sine 12/1200
  • Mastervolt power inverter Mass Sine 24/1500
  • Mastervolt power inverter Mass Sine 12/2000
  • Mastervolt power inverter Mass Sine 24/2500
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Power Inverters

All power inverters supplied by Gouda-Geo are of professional quality and feature pure sine wave output.

The inverter converts a DC power source (e.g. from the CPT truck or CPT crawler) to 230 Vac power. The inverter range is specifically suitable for data acquisition systems and small to medium small electric tools. High frequency PWM technology ensures a compact unit providing high reliability and performance.

The inverter has a robust design and is quiet and portable. It can therefore be operated in almost any environment. The unit has a high current start up capability, protected against short circuit, reverse polarity and over load. The unit also has automatic load sensing (important for solar applications).

All inverters are provided with CE marking and come with an extensive instruction manual.

Technical Specifications  
Product Range

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