• Peli heavy-duty cases
  • Peli 1200 case
  • Peli 1560 case
  • Peli 1300 case
  • Peli 0340 cabe case
  • Instrument case in army green
  • Peli 1610 case with wheels and extendable handle
  • Peli 1500 cases in various colours
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Peli Heavy-Duty Cases

Geotechnical instruments are in general sensitive equipment that requires exceptional protection against mechanical shock, vibration, and extreme temperature.

Peli cases are made off ultra high impact polypropylene copolymere material that is extremely strong, durable and flexible and resist even the hardes external impacts. In combination with the neoprene O-ring seal, the double safety locking latches and the automatic pressure equalization valve it makes the Peli cases watertight, crushproof, and dust proof.

Peli cases provide the safest and securest transportable environment for sensitive, expensive or vital equipment. A full line of sizes and foam cushioning covers almost every utilization, in practically any environment.

Peli cases come with a lifetime guarantee. Nothing stands better up to the power of the Storm!

Gouda-Geo supplies the following Peli cases:

Piezocone Dissipation test Water level meter CPT crawler CPT Electric cones Seismic CPT Magnetometer Gouda Jacket cone Soil sampler Dynamic penetrometer Cone Penetration Testing Piezometer CPTU Inclinometer
CPT truck Crawler-Truck Begemann cone Vane tester