• Master pin pusher for track chains
  • Master pin pusher with hand-operated hydraulic pump
  • Master pin pusher generates 70T pushing power
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Master Pin Pusher for Track Chains

The hydraulic master pin pusher (also called track press) is an economic yet powerful tool for the assembly and disassembly of track chains. Despite its compact dimensions and low weight, it generates a hefty 75 T (750 kN) pushing force. More than enough to tackle most small and medium-size track chains. The larger pusher generates 150 T (1500 kN) pushing force.
The master pin pusher is not only a versatile tool in the workshop, but because of its weight it can also be used in the field for emergency track repair. The hand-operated manual pump makes it independent of the availability of electric power. It will reduce job effort and costly "downtime".
It is designed to handle with a minimum of effort a wide variety of track chain models and sizes. In fact, many of the operations can be performed with track-shoes in place. A truly versatile piece of equipment for the installation and removal of the track chain’s master pin and master bushes.
Technical Specifications 

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