• Tailor-made rebar cage made of glass fiber rebars
  • Rebar cage for pillar reinforced with fiberglass rebar
  • Installation of a glass fiber rebar cage
  • TBM breaking through a temporary wall with glass fiber rebars
  • Fiberglass rebar for monumental buildings
  • Manufacturing of a fiberglass rebar cage
  • Fiberglass rebar cage preassembled at the factory
  • Detailed picture of a fiberglass rebar cage
Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V.
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2181 MH Hillegom
The Netherlands

Glass Fibre Rebars

For both temporary and permanent applications
no corrosion
suitable for autonomous vehicles
engineered and tailored for your specific application
monumental buildings

Glass fibre anchors
Glass fibre rebar cages
Tunnel excavation front

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