• Core drill set
  • Core drill ready for asphalt coring
  • Core drill in action
  • Lifting the core up
  • Hole drilled in asphalt
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Core Drill

Core drilling set for core sample drilling in concrete and asphalt. Equipped with stand plates (the weight of the operator secures the device in place) and wheels (allowing for quick and easy transport). Adjustable roller guides warrants accurate positioning of the diamond core during drilling.

Stihl 2-stroke petrol engine (2.8 kW / 3.8 hp, 600 rpm), makes the complete set independent of the grid. Complete with pressure tank (10 l), which provides the flushing water for the drill bit. Drilling range 107-200 mm, stroke 630 mm, weight 53 kg. Comes complete with an exhaust hose (4 m) and tool kit.
Core Drill Bits

The core drill can be supplied with the following core drill bits:
Core Fishing Pliers

Pliers for lifting the cores out of the holes:

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