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  • Aluminium steps for cone penetration truck
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Aluminium Access Steps

Access steps are one of the most essential elements of a CPT truck. A CPT operator will climb in and out of the working cabin many times per day. It is of paramount importance that this occurs safely and comfortably.
In close cooperation with one of Europe's major manufacturers of steps and ladders, Gouda-Geo has purposely designed a sturdy and lightweight aluminium steps for safely accessing the working cabin of CPT trucks and crawler-trucks.
The steps feature extra wide, hole punched treads providing unpaired anti-slip characteristics. The safety handrail assures safe and comfortable access at all times.
Due to the fact that the steps is manufactured of aluminium, it is lightweight and can be stored easily inside the working cabin by tilting it over the stainless steel hinges.
The steps are in accordance with the European safety standards and feature CE marking.
All steps are manufactured to measure. So retrofitting this high-quality aluminium steps to an existing CPT truck is not a problem.

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