• Goudsche Machinefabriek in the city of Gouda
  • Facade of Goudsche Machinefabriek at the time
  • First CPT device
  • First CPT device designed by Mr. Barentsen
  • One of the first CPT devices. Picture taken approx. 1940
  • Experimental CPT penetrometer rig
  • Beautifully engineered CPT trailer intended to reach greater depths
  • 50 kN hand operated CPT penetrometer pusher with pressure gauge read-out
  • 25 kN manual CPT penetrometer pusher
  • Hand operated 50 kN penetrometer pusher built on an ex-army truck
  • Manual 50 kN CPT penetrometer device
  • Manual CPT pusher inside a CPT truck
  • One of the first ballasted CPT penetrometer trucks
  • Cone penetration testing in Surinam approx. 1964
  • 2 trucks for Cone Penetration testing owned by Fugro
  • Ballasted Reo CPT truck owned by Fugro
  • Ballasted CPT truck owned by Mos Rhoon
  • 100 kN trailer-based penetrometer rig with working cabin pulled by an Unimog
  • Interior of a CPT truck with a 100 kN single cylinder pusher
  • Ballasted CPT truck owned by Sondex Belgium
  • 200 kN trailer-based CPT penetrometer pusher
  • Placing ground anchors using a hydraulic wrench
  • Reading the CPT data from a hydraulic measuring head
  • Fugro CPT truck approx. 1978
  • Ballasted Terberg CPT truck owned by Mos Rhoon
Gouda Geo-Equipment B.V.
Satellietbaan 8
2181 MH Hillegom
The Netherlands


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