Vulhop & Becker since 1926

January 6th, 2014

Vulhop & Becker is a German company specialising in geotechnical soil investigation. The company was started in 1926 by founding father Willy Vulhop. Over the years the company has been involved in the installation of gas and water mains, installation of heaters and in water well drilling. In 1970 it was decided to focus solely on water well drilling and geotechnical soil investigation. Nowadays the company is run by Tim Becker, the 3rd generation of the Vulhop & Becker dynasty.

Vulhop & Becker operates at present 4 drilling rigs and 2 rigs for cone penetration testing. Vulhop & Becker feels confident about the future and has invested in new equipment; a 200 kN CPT truck with crawler undercarriage and a 200 kN multi-purpose platform for nearshore CPT testing.

The Gouda-Geo team wishes Vulhop & Becker luck with this new investment.
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