"Ultra Light" Crawler-Truck

May 31st, 2013

On special request of Mr. Jan Reynaert, project manager at Sondex N.V. in Belgium, we developed a crawler-truck that is around 850 kg lighter than our standard crawler-trucks without sacrificing performance and quality.
The companies doing Cone Penetration Tests face more and more the stringent laws imposed on maximum axle loads and maximum vehicle weight. These values differ from country to county. Especially the 2-axle trucks are affected.
The permissible maximum weight of a 2-axle truck in France or Belgium e.g. is 19 T, in Germany and United Kingdom it is even less; 18 T.
For this reason we developed a crawler-truck with a total weight of 17,800 kg. The truck still features 4x4 drive, the sturdy B3/D3 crawler undercarriage with steel triple grouser track shoes and its super-strong carrying frame. All other elements have been subject to scrutinising in order to reduce the weight. And with success!
We wish Sondex good business with this new addition to their fleet.
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