Testing Unimogs in Germany

July 4th, 2006

As you might know, we are currently in the process of building a brand-new 140 kN CPT penetrometer truck for SGS Belgium. In close deliberation with our client we have selected an Unimog U5000L with long wheelbase as base. Due to their off-road capabilities, Unimogs are extremely suitable as carrying truck for CPT penetrometer rigs.

Since the Unimog we ordered rolled of the production line earlier this week, we were invited to visit the Unimog factory in Wörth am Rhein, Germany. Along with some representatives of Dutch CPT companies we went to Germany. We have visited the Unimog production facilities and were invited to test the capabilities of the Unimogs on the factory’s proving ground. We can assure you; this has been fun!!

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