Sondeo - A New CPT Company

November 18th, 2019
As per today a brand-new CPT company has become operational: Sondeo Grondmechanica. Company owner Simon Hoogstraten has quite a track record in the civil industry and has now joined forces with Dutch CPT specialist Koops & Romeijn Grondmechanica and has invested in a state-of-the-art ballasted CPT crawler.
The CPT crawler has been designed such, that it can be used on many different projects. The base rig weighs 8250 kg, making it suitable for CPT soil investigations on dykes and levees here in The Netherlands. Extra ballast can be added easily which increases the capacity to 115 kN – ideal for regular CPT jobs. Since the rig is equipped with a 200 kN pusher, also extra heavy CPT projects can be tackled.
Simon, you can be very proud of your new equipment. We wish you lots of safe and fun working hours! Thanks for your confidence!
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