Second 200 kN CPT Crawler for In Situ Site Investigation

March 6th, 2020
In October 2018 we supplied the first 200 kN CPT crawler to British soil investigation expert In Situ Site Investigation. The rig was nicknamed Bob by the In Situ staff. Last week we supplied the second 200 kN CPT crawler, which was pretty much identical to the one we supplied back in 2018. This rig was baptized Vic. So the 2 rigs are named Vic and Bob, after the comical double act Vic and Bob.
Vic is equipped with the latest JCB diesel engine meeting the Tier-IV emission standards. It is for this reason that the rig can also be used on inner city jobsites.
We wish Darren Ward and the In Situ team many many safe and comfortable working hours. Thanks for your confidence, guys!!
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