Puente Nigale: 2nd Bridge across Lake Maracaibo

April 23rd, 2013

The new crossing of Lake Maracaibo belongs to a set of 12 large-scale megaprojects for Zulia State located in the northwest of Venezuela.
The project is called Puente Nigale (in English Nigale Bridge) and comprises the construction of a 11.4 km long cable-stayed bridge and a road system consisting of 42 km highway. The main contractor is Odedrecht from Brazil.
The geotechnical soil investigation, both onshore and nearshore, is carried out with CPT penetrometer rigs supplied by Gouda-Geo. It concerns primarily Cone Penetrations Tests with 10 and 15 cm2 piezocones (so-called CPTU).
Piezocone Dissipation test Water level meter CPT crawler CPT Electric cones Seismic CPT Magnetometer Gouda Jacket cone Soil sampler Dynamic penetrometer Cone Penetration Testing Piezometer CPTU Inclinometer
CPT truck Crawler-Truck Begemann cone Vane tester