Piezocones! 100% New Design

December 1st, 2016

We feel really proud to introduce to you the next generation piezocones, named P10-CFPTxy and P15-CFPTxy. The advantages are:  When designing this new generation P10-CFPTxy and P15-CFPTxy cones every aspect has been scrutinized, including the mechanical design, types of steel and hardening procedures, seals, strain gauges, amplifier and most of all the output signals.
The P10-CFPTxy and P15-CFPTxy piezocones generate both an analog and digital output. This makes them very well suited to be used in combination with the current GeoLogger and GME-500 systems, but also in combination with digital CPT-Logger and later with wireless data transmission (no modifications required).
In addition to the fact that the cones are about 75% stronger than the previous generation, the cones offer real-time temperature compensation. Each strain gauge bridge is for this purpose provided with its own temperature sensor and the changes in temperature are compensated in real time.
The P10-CFPTxy and P15-CFPTxy piezocones are also suitable for CPT tests without measurement of the pore pressure. In that case a different conical tip is mounted. These piezocones are truly geared up for the future.
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