New Magnetometer – The First Tests

May 20th, 2020
As we continually strive for improvement of our products, we have been working hard the last 6 months to develop a more sensitive and more accurate magnetometer module. We were pleased with the present magnetometer we supply, but we definitely saw room for improvement. And yesterday this new module has been tested in the field.
A specialized museum has provided us with some original WW2 bombs and munition. With the assistance of Thijs and Nick, 2 OCE specialists with Armaex, and crane operator Henk with Ten Brinke, we have conducted quite some tests. Since the magnetometer is often used for the detection of unexploded ordnance and cast iron loses its magnetic properties over time, it was important to us to conduct the tests with original weaponry.
We were more than pleased with the first results. In the months to come we will fine-tune the magnetometer module, the acquisition software and run many more tests. So, more to come . . .
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