Linkedin Group: Cone Penetration Testing

August 18th, 2011

Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) is a highly accurate in situ testing method for soft to medium dense soils. A technique developed in the early 1930s by civil servant Mr. Pieter Barentsen and manufactured by GMF Gouda. It is used to determine the geotechnical engineering properties of soils and delineate the soil stratigraphy. The test is standardised in many countries and used all around the world.

As per today, Gouda-Geo has started a Linkedin group named Cone Penetration Testing – CPT. The objective of this group is to bring together CPT professionals, geotechnicians and geoscientists from across the globe. Members are encouraged to start and participate in CPT related discussions, post possible career opportunities and to network actively.

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CPT truck Crawler-Truck Begemann cone Vane tester