ISO 22476-1: New Standard for Electric CPT Testing

July 15th, 2013

ISO has developed within the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) a brand-new standard for electrical cone and piezocone penetration test; ISO 22476-1. The introduction of this ISO standard facilitates the unambiguous exchange of CPT test results and will improve the acceptance of Cone Penetration Tests worldwide.
Upon the introduction of ISO 22476-1, the old trusty Dutch standard NEN 5140:1996 has been revoked as per January 30th, 2013 making place for this brand-new ISO standard.
Is it all moonlight and roses? No. ISO has done a great effort to really standardize and classify the CPT(U) testing procedures, but reading the document made clear that the committee members lack practical knowledge of CPT equipment manufacturing and CPT field testing. Too many technical assumptions have been made. The Bibliography of the standard only contains 8 (relatively old) reference documents; far too little for such an important standard.
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