In Memoriam! Prof. Richard (Dick) Campanella

July 15th, 2019
This weekend we were informed that Prof. Richard (Dick) Campanella has passed away at the age of 83. Prof. Campanella was Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Applied Science, Department of Civil Engineering of the University of British Colombia and heavily involved in the academic research behind many geotechnical instruments we use today, such as the piezocone, the flat dilatometer, the vane test, the BAT pore water sampler, etc. (more info here). The CPT industry will remember him mostly because of the generic interpretation of CPTu test results that he developed with Prof. Peter Robertson (more info here). What we call Robertson & Campanella for short is the base interpretation theory in every CPT processing software.
Thanks you, Prof. Campanella, for everything you did for the geotechnical community. Your legacy will certainly live on!
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