In Memoriam! Madelon van Leeuwen

March 7th, 2016

I don’t think anyone in the geotechnical industry has ever heard of Madelon van Leeuwen and I wonder if she has ever known what geotechnics is all about. Fact is, that Madelon has played an important role during the set-up stage of Gouda Geo-Equipment. I got in contact with Madelon and her ex-husband Ron for making the first website of Gouda-Geo about 13 years ago. But they did so much more for me; they became the listening ear I needed so desperately, they became my sparring partner, I was always welcome in their home and their daughter Michelle became “my little sister”. Every Saturday I was at their place working on the website and we had sooo much fun together. Because of Madelon, Ron and Michelle the set-up phase of Gouda-geo became a very special period with only fond memories.
And Saturday morning I got a phone call from Michelle telling me that her mother (49) has passed away all of a sudden. What a shock, what a tremendous loss.
Lieve Madelon, ik weet niet waar je nu bent, maar je zal voortleven in onze harten en alle leuke herinneringen zal ik blijven koesteren. Wat heb ik een fantastische tijd met jullie gehad en iedere keer als ik daaraan denk, kan ik alleen maar lachen. Dank je wel voor alle gastvrijheid en goede zorgen. Goede reis en dat etentje, dat we vorige maand hadden gepland, nou, die hou je van me tegoed!!
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