In Memoriam! Bas Metzelaar

March 12th, 2020

This morning we received the sad news that Bas Metzelaar has passed away last night at the age of just 26. Bas was ill for quite some time, but he has fought a brave battle and kept his optimistic spirit throughout. Unfortunately all took a bad turn 3 weeks ago.
Bas is the nephew of René Metzelaar, our hydraulics specialist. Already at the age of 16 Bas started working in the workshop of his uncle René to earn some pocket money. Bas was a bright guy and no stranger to technology. So over the years he worked on the hydraulics of many Gouda-Geo rigs. All this besides his studies!
After High School Bas studied Aviation Engineering at Amsterdam University and was later trained as a pilot to eventually become the First Officer on a Boeing 737-800. He worked a.o. for Ryanair. But in his spare time he continued working in the workshop of his uncle, working on Gouda-Geo rigs. Bas played e.g. a leading role during sound tests that were performed in order to improve the noise production of CPT crawler rigs.
When Bas became ill he was no longer permitted to fly, but he continued working and remained ambitious. Only 5 weeks ago he applied for a position as drone pilot and was hired right away. And now this.
Bas, we hebben van je genoten en waarderen al jouw inzet voor Gouda-Geo enorm. Je was hier een graag geziene gast. We gaan je missen, maar je blijft voortleven in de verhalen en in de machines waaraan je hebt gewerkt. We wensen jou een geweldige laatste vlucht en wensen je ouders, je broer, je vriendin, ome René en tante Marianne heel veel sterkte in deze zware tijd.
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