Gouda-Geo Organises 2017 VOTB Venue

September 24th, 2017

The VOTB is the Dutch association of entrepreneurs involved in (geo-)technical soil investigation. This organisation started 40 years ago and stands for the common interest of its members. A lot of geotechnical knowledge and practical experience are exchanged within the association.
Every year, the traditional VOTB office manager meeting is held at a different location. This year the meeting is scheduled for Wednesday September 27th and Gouda Geo-Equipment will host this event.
On this occasion we will present a number of innovations, including a 200 kN CPT crawler with pivoting levelling jacks, a 175 kN Crawler-Truck, a newly developed hydraulic Ackermann soil sampler device that allows for soil sampling from within a drill pipe and a lightweight 200 kN CPT pusher with integrated push-and-pull clamp. In addition, there will be lectures on the advantages of real time temperature compensation of piezocones and digital CPT data transmission.
Piezocone Dissipation test Water level meter CPT crawler CPT Electric cones Seismic CPT Magnetometer Gouda Jacket cone Soil sampler Dynamic penetrometer Cone Penetration Testing Piezometer CPTU Inclinometer
CPT truck Crawler-Truck Begemann cone Vane tester