Drilling Rigs for Geotechnical Soil Investigation

January 31st, 2014

Frequent visitors of our website might already have seen, that Gouda-Geo will extend its scope of supply enormously with the introduction of high-end drilling rigs, the GeoDrillers.
The GeoDriller drill rigs are extremely versatile and powerful for their size and offer flexibility, reliability, productivity and safety at an affordable price.
The drill rigs are suitable for geotechnical, environmental, geothermal, water well drilling applications and coring for mineral research. The compact design allows them to operate in areas with limited or restricted access.
Multiple configurations and options are available, meeting the client’s needs. The rigs can e.g. be fitted with a rotary head featuring the torque and RPM to suit your drilling method and application.
GeoDriller stands for quality, reliability and high productivity.
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