85 – 110 kN CPT Crawler for Inpijn-Blokpoel

June 17th, 2019
Last week Dutch soil investigation specialist Inpijn-Blokpoel has taken the delivery of a special light version of our 100 kN compact CPT crawler.
The crawler is purposely designed for soil investigation job on dykes and levees governed by the Dutch Water Boards. The most recent legislation allows the use of tracked rigs with a max. weight of 8500 kg. In the standard layout the crawler can push up to 85 kN, making it perfectly suitable for CPT jobs on dykes and levees. In case the CPT crawler is used for standard CPT jobs, 2x 1250 kg ballast can be added making the rig suitable for CPT tests up to 110 kN.
The crawler is equipped with a standard 200 kN CPT pusher with electronically adjustable pushing force ranging from 0.5 kN till 200 kN. For the recording of the CPT data the crawler is provided with the latest digital piezocone system.
The crawler literally was rushed into operation, so no time even for decals. The Gouda-Geo team wishes CPT operators Hans Plug and Richard Aret many years of comfortable and safe working. Have fun guys!!
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