350 kN: CPT Penetrometer Pusher on Steroids!

May 2nd, 2013
Up to water depths of 50 metre the Cone Penetration Tests are generally carried out by means of top-push from a jack-up barge. The CPT sounding tubes are guided towards the seabed by means of a standpipe providing the required lateral support.
The string of CPT sounding tubes is subject to pretty high lateral friction and quite a percentage of the pushing force generated by the CPT penetrometer pusher is lost due to friction. It is for this reason we have been contacted by multiple operators to develop a pusher with much higher pushing force.
The result is truly a CPT penetrometer pusher on steroids capable of generating 350 kN of pushing force. It forms an excellent combination with the 44 mm CPT sounding tubes we introduced back in 2010. Highly recommended for so-called "Deep Sounding" projects and nearshore CPT testing.
Also available for rent.
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