3 Years Warranty

January 25th, 2018

For years we have been developing and manufacturing passionately equipment for Cone Penetration Testing of the highest quality. It is very important to us and to our clients that our products are durable and reliable. 

We understand that what reliable equipment is all about: IT IS YOUR BUSINESS. When it works, you work. And when it's down, you're out of production - out of profits. That is why Gouda-Geo only supplies the best and that explains our design philosophy: “The best equipment at a price you can afford combining robust design, ease of operation, high testing productivity, reliability and low depreciation.”

This is why we will offer as per direct a 3-YEAR WARRANTY on parts, construction and workmanship for all products related to Cone Penetration Testing.

In the rare event that a problem occurs, our competent engineers will help you resolve the issue immediately.
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