200 kN CPT Crawler for Ménard Gulf

November 3rd, 2020
Here at Gouda-Geo we keep a large inventory of all the equipment that we supply. This means that practically all items are delivered from stock, resulting in short delivery times. This is very much appreciated by our clients.
This large inventory does not only cover the piezocones, CPT tubes, cables and dataloggers, but also includes 200 and 350 kN stand-alone CPT pushers, crawler-based CPT rigs with anchoring and even fully ballasted 200 kN CPT crawlers.
The latest stock 200 kN CPT Crawler was delivered to Ménard Gulf in the United Arab Emirates. The standard CPT crawler is already very complete from itself. The only thing added before shipping was a powerful air-conditioning unit powered directly by the diesel engine.
We wish Brahim Didouche, Ian White and the entire Ménard Gulf team many many years of safe, comfortable and profitable working.
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