170 kN CPT Crawler for I.N.I.S.Ma.

April 3rd, 2019
Institut National Interuniversitaire des Silicates, Sols et Matériaux (I.N.I.S.Ma.) is a research, tests and analysis laboratory specialised in soils (geotechnics and sampling), and environment (sampling and analysis). It is based in Mons, Belgium.
Last week I.N.I.S.Ma. has taken the delivery of a brandnew 170 kN CPT crawler. The crawler is equipped with 4 extra-long levelling jacks for easy loading and unloading and is prepared to accommodate a drill mast on the rear bumper in a later stage.
A team of 2 Gouda-Geo instructors has been to Mons to instruct the I.N.I.S.Ma. team on how to operate the new crawler safely and effectively. We wish the I.N.I.S.Ma. team many comfortable and pleasant working days with this new rig.
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